Computer Classes

Albert L. Scott Library Computer Classes

  • Computer Basics - Learn the basic information of computers. This class will focus mainly on keyboard and desktop functions.
  • Basic Internet and Email - Surfing the Web just got easy! Students will also learn how to set up an email account through Gmail.
  • Microsoft Word 2013 Part 1 - This class helps to understand the basic functions and commands that are available in Word 2007.
  • Microsoft Word 2013 Part 2 - Going a step beyond Word Part 1, this class will focus on formatting and editing within Word.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Part 1 - Learn basic information regarding the different icons and various functions available in Microsoft Excel 2013.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Part 2 - This class will focus more on creating spreadsheets and formatting information and cells within Excel.

Computer Class Schedule

  • Dates: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of every month.
    • Computer Classes will not be offered in May - July, or the month of December.
  • Time: 10 a.m. - Noon
Registration is required! Dates and classes are subject to change.

Please call 205-664-6822 to register or see a staff member for more information.

Computer Class Handouts

These informational packets are given to patrons who sign up for the computer classes. If you cannot attend one of the classes, you may print out the handout for use at home.

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Questions, Concerns & Problems

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