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Albert L. Scott Library Computer Classes

  • Computer Basics - Learn the basic information of computers. This class will focus mainly on keyboard and desktop functions.
  • Basic Internet and Email - Surfing the Web just got easy! Students will also learn how to set up an email account through Gmail.
  • Microsoft Word 2013 Part 1 - This class helps to understand the basic functions and commands that are available in Word 2007.
  • Microsoft Word 2013 Part 2 - Going a step beyond Word Part 1, this class will focus on formatting and editing within Word.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Part 1 - Learn basic information regarding the different icons and various functions available in Microsoft Excel 2013.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Part 2 - This class will focus more on creating spreadsheets and formatting information and cells within Excel.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Learn the basics of creating an effective and beautiful slide show.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2013 - This class goes over the fundamentals of using Publisher and the various publications you can create.

2017 Computer Class Schedule

  • Tuesday, August 8th- Beginning Computers
  • Saturday, August 12th- Microsoft Word 2013 Crash Course
  • Tuesday, August 29nd- Basic Internet and Email
  • Saturday, September 9th- PowerPoint 2013
  • Tuesday, September 12th- Excel 2013 Part 1
  • Tuesday, September 19th- Excel 2013 Part 1
    • Computer Classes will not be offered in May - July, or the month of December.
    • Time: 10 A.M.
Registration is required! Dates and classes are subject to change.

Please call 205-664-6822 to register or see a staff member for more information.

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