Curbside Pick Up

Curbside Pick Up Details

The city of Alabaster offers on site pick up of yard debris to all residents once a week. Please follow Ordinance 06-008 (PDF) so we can provide this service as efficiently as possible. Holidays are not noted on calendar but if a holiday is being observed by the city and service is not made on that day, it will be provided the following week as scheduled.

Please follow these guidelines or reference our Ordinance (06-008) for more information concerning policies in more detail.

Curbside Pick Up Guidelines (Yard or Junk/Rubbish)

  1. Debris should be stacked on your property in an area that can be serviced overhead by lifting device.
  2. Junk / rubbish and biodegradable wood waste items should not be mixed. If it is a mixed pile, it will be considered junk / rubbish and may not be serviced until the week designated for junk / rubbish.
  3. Do not place debris around any obstacles such as mailboxes, phone boxes, cable boxes, trees, fire hydrants, etc.
  4. Debris must be placed out for pick up by homeowner and accumulated directly in front of residence by resident.
  5. Debris accumulated by a contractor or from another location will not be serviced.
  6. A contractor is any paid service such as lawn care, tree service, remodeling / carpenter, excavating, etc. These items should be removed by contractor or homeowner.
  7. Pick up service has a volume restriction of 10 cubic yards per week which is defined as a pile measuring 10 feet long x 5 feet wide and stacked no more than 5 feet high. Volumes exceeding this amount may not be serviced and will be handled per policy pertaining to excessive volume. Resident can pay an additional fee of $10 per cubic yard over the max volume or choose to be serviced with max pick up each week until pile is removed.
  8. All grass clippings, small trimmings and leaves must be bagged for service (max 50 lbs.). Materials blown or raked out to edge of street or in the street will be subject to Code Enforcement fine.
  9. No material or debris should exceed 10 feet in length.
  10. Certain material or items will not be picked up such as:
    • Anything considered as hazardous waste
    • Appliances utilizing Freon
    • Batteries
    • Dirt
    • Medical waste or supplies
    • Paint
    • Propane tanks
    • Rocks
    • Roofing material
    • Stumps
    • Tires