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Garage Sale Permit Request


  1. 1. Terms & Agreement
  2. 2. Applicant Information
  • Terms & Agreement

    1. - You may only have 2 garage sales per year.
      - If weather does not permit the sale on the date the purchase has chosen, the City can issue another date for the sale only if the purchaser calls the following Monday and did not have the sale (no setup of sale took place). The City will allow a reschedule of the sale one time only.
      - You may have one, non-illuminated, temporary sign on the premises of the sale, which does not exceed four (4) square feet of sign face area.
      - Signs located within the public right-of-way and signs attached to trees, poles, or other structures located within the public right-of-way are prohibited, no exceptions. Public right of way varies but can be 10 - 50 feet from center of public roadways.
      - Each garage sale may last a maximum of two (2) days.
      - Please note that permit is not valid in a business district, only valid within residential areas.
      - Please keep a copy of receipt and form as proof of payment to hold garage sale.
      - Questions can be directed to Code Enforcement at 205-664-6823.

    2. The fee to acquire a permit to hold a garage sale is $5.

    3. Garage Sale Rules Agreement*

      You must agree to the terms of Garage Sale Permit Use for a permit to be issued.