Building and Engineering Services

Our Purpose:

The City of Alabaster Department of Engineering and Building Services is established to ensure the safeguarding of the citizens of Alabaster regarding public health, safety and general welfare through aggressive implementation and enforcement of the codes adopted by the City of Alabaster encompassing hazards that may be imposed on the built environment. 

Planning & Zoning and Engineering, integral portions of the City’s comprehensive team, coordinate all proposed projects for the City of Alabaster, both residential and commercial, prior to the permitting phase. 

The Code Enforcement division was added to ensure compliance of the Code of Ordinances adopted by the City of Alabaster and to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare; to provide the orderly development and growth for the general good and benefit to the people of Alabaster. 

The City of Alabaster adopted the 2021 International Building Code and Appendices to replace the Alabaster Code of Ordinances (2015).  Click here to view the 2021 Adopted Code

Click here to view our Fee Schedule for the City of Alabaster.

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