City Clerk

Hub of Local Government

The clerk’s office has many duties imposed upon them by statutes and ordinances, relied upon by the governing body of the municipality, the people of the community, and the employees of the municipality for accurate information concerning the welfare of the city.

Serving as the local intelligence center, the Clerk’s Office has been referred to as “the hub of local government”.

Documents & Record Keeping

The City Clerk is the custodian of all rules, ordinances, and resolutions of the council. These are permanent records of the municipality. The Clerk’s office is responsible for having on hand for inspection, any and all documents concerning the city that are open to the public for viewing.

Public Records Requests (Locations):

Anyone may request to view public records, or with the payment of a small fee receive a copy of:

Again, there is a small fee for copies of public records, but not for on-site viewing.

Additional Responsibilities

The Clerk’s Office also handles all claims and demands against the city.

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