Police Department Contacts

Division Telephone Number Contact Person Duties
Chief of Police 205-664-7401
Chief Curtis Rigney
Department Head
Administrative Department 205-664-7401
Captain J. Anthony
This position supervises the administration division
Department Operations 205-664-7401
Captain Grant Humphries  This position supervises the operations division
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police 205-664-7401
Amy Boehm Handles all matters concerning the office of the Chief. If you would like to speak to or see the Chief, please call.
Police Communications 205-664-7401 Captain J. Anthony
24 Hour Police Operator for Emergency and Non-Emergency calls. This is the primary police telephone number.
Patrol 205-664-7401 Lieutenant Susan Peavy
Lieutenant John Plumb
This unit handles all patrol matters. If you have a crime concern or would like to request extra patrol in your area for a special situation, please call.
Criminal Investigations Division 205-664-6850 Sergeant Jason Higgins

Handles all criminal investigations, as well as sex offender registrations, crime statistics and crime trend patterns.
Operations Division 205-664-7401
Lieutenant Jeremy Medlin
The operations unit handles all police equipment, purchasing, financing, and servicing vehicle operations and employee equipment, as well as Staff Services.
Records Division 205-664-7401
Lynda Strickland
Angie Robinson

File and process reports. Business hours are Monday -Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Special Investigations Division 205-664-7401 Lieutenant 
Daniel Goodwin

Crime Scene Forensics, Traffic Homicide, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Evidence and Property Custodian, oversees Operation Lifesaver

Training Coordinator 205-664-7401 Sergeant Sonny Jones All police training, firearms, and certification programs
Fire Marshal 205-378-5723 Thomas Lamb All Fire Investigations
Animal Control 205-664-6761 Hoyet Hodgens
Stray and nuisance animals.
Emergency Animal Control 911 or
Police Dispatch
Dangerous animals or if no one answers at 205-664-6761
Code Enforcement 205-378-5723 Thomas Lamb
Nuisance Laws and Business Code Enforcement Officer
Public Information Officer / Media Request 205-664-6850 Detective Josh Rauch
 Press and Media requests
School Resource Officers 205-664-7401 Sergeant Jason Higgins  School resource officers
Technical Services 205-378-4063 Patrick Johnson IT Department, Technical support for all technology equipment