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How Do I Get the Answers I Need From the Police Department?

If you have a situation, a question or problem that you feel is not being addressed, we need to know so that we can help you. There are many issues that individuals have that just cannot be satisfied; however, if your problem is regarding our employees, our system or performance, we can most likely resolve it. Please feel free to contact Deputy Chief J. Anthony at 205-663-7401 or via email. If your question is regarding our website, please contact Analyst Beth Czerw.

I Was Involved in a Traffic Accident. What Should I Do?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what to do when you are involved in a traffic accident. Here are a few important guidelines you should remember:
  • Always contact Law Enforcement when you are involved in an accident; it is never a bad thing to have a report available if needed at a later date.
  • If you choose not to contact Law Enforcement about the wreck, swap identifying information related to the other driver to include: Name, Address, Phone Number, Insurance Company Name and Policy Number.
  • Obtain any witness information, and if you are filing a police report, encourage the witnesses to remain at the scene until Law Enforcement arrives.
  • The driver of the vehicle may be required to fill out an SR-31 form (PDF) for the State of Alabama. This form should be filled out ONLY if the accident caused death, personal injury, or property damage to any one owner in excess of $500 by an uninsured motorist. You can only file this form if you have not been compensated for your injuries or losses.
  • Wait 3 business days after filing the accident report before coming to the Alabaster Police Department in order to pick up your report. The cost is $5 dollars and needs to be paid at the Alabaster Police Department. This fee is waived if you are 55 years old or older, a student, or involved in a private property accident. Insurance companies may sometimes obtain copies on your behalf.
  • Alabama State Law requires that all crash vehicles be moved from the roadway, if this can be done safely and without causing further property damage. If it is dangerous or impossible to remove the vehicles from the roadway, advise Law Enforcement of that fact, and remain clear of traffic flowing around you to prevent further accidents or injuries.