Industrial Development Board

  1. Brian Binzer

    Executive Director

  1. Tommy Ryals

    Place 1

    Term Expires: December 2025

  1. Ken Lindsey

    Place 2

    Term Expires: December 2025

  1. Terrill Lane

    Place 3

    Term Expires: December 2027

  1. Charles Cornelius

    Place 4

    Term Expires: December 2027

  1. Todd Davis

    Place 5

    Term Expires: December 2029

  1. Phyllis Bolena

    Place 6

    Term Expires: December 2029

  1. Matt Penhale

    Place 7

    Term Expires: December 2029

Appointment Overview 

The Alabaster Industrial Development Board has not less than 7 members which are appointed by the Alabaster City Council to staggered 6 year terms.
View Resolution 022216-E Appointment to the Industrial Development Board of Alabaster (PDF)


Welcome to the Industrial Development Board of Alabaster page.

General Duties, Purpose and Powers

Economic development is the backbone for the success in any community. The Industrial Development Board of Alabaster exists to have an intentional focus on the recruitment of retail, light industrial, and heavy industrial businesses to our area. The policy of the Industrial Development Board is to provide a business climate that is friendly and profitable to the entire business community. Whether it is through economic incentives or personal assistance, the Industrial Development Board is committed to making Alabaster a great place to do business!

View the Industrial Development Board Summary (PDF)

Summary of Duties

  1. To have succession by its corporate name for the period specified in the certificate of incorporation unless sooner dissolved as provided in Article 11-54-87
  2. To sue and be sued and to prosecute and defend civil actions in any court having jurisdiction of the subject matter and of the parties
  3. To have and to use a corporate seal and to alter the same at pleasure
  4. To acquire, whether by purchase, construction, exchange, gift, lease or otherwise and to improve, maintain, equip and furnish one or more projects, including all real and personal properties which the board of directors of the board may deem necessary in connection therewith, regardless of whether or not any such projects shall then be in existence
  5. To lease to others any or all if its projects and to charge and collect rent therefor and to terminate any such lease upon the failure of the lessee to comply with any of the obligations thereof
  6. To sell, exchange, donate and convey any or all of its properties whenever its board of directors shall find any such action to be in furtherance of the purposes for which the board was organized
  7. To issue its bonds for the purpose of carrying out any of its powers and to apply proceeds from the sale of its bonds (whether heretofore or hereafter issued) not only for payment of interest thereon prior to and during the construction and equipment of any buildings, structures, facilities or other improvements being financed thereby but also for payment of interest thereon during a period of not exceeding two years after completion of any such construction and equipment
  8. To mortgage and pledge any or all of its projects or any part or parts thereof, as security for the payment of the principal of and the interest on any bonds so issued and any agreements made in connection therewith, whether then owned or thereafter acquired, and to pledge the revenues and receipts therefrom or from any thereof
  9. To employ and pay compensation to such employees and agents, including attorneys, as the board of directors shall deem necessary for the business of the board

Statutory Authority

Section 11-54-80 through 11-54-101, Code of Alabama 1975, as amended.

Contact the Board

To contact the executive director for the Alabaster Industrial Development Board, call City Hall at 205-664-6832 to get connected to Mr. Brian Binzer.