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Beneful Dream Dog Park

Subfacility of Veterans Park


2023 Dog Park Maintenance Schedule

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  1. Climbing Rocks
  2. Covered sitting area with picnic tables
  3. Elevation Change for varied exercising
  4. Holding Area at entrance
  5. Large Dog Area - 36 lbs and over
  6. Leashes required outside of fenced area
  7. No leash required inside fenced area
  8. Non-staffed
  9. Owner responsible for cleaning up after pets
  10. Padded Walking Track for Owners in large dog area
  11. Pet Waste Stations
  12. Rings
  13. Small Dog Area - 35 lbs and under
  14. Splash Pads
  15. Synthetic Surface
  16. Tennis Balls
  17. Tunnel
  18. Water Drinking Stations for owners and pets

Alabaster is the second city in the nation to host a Beneful Dream Dog Park. The $500,000 dog park opened on July 12, 2012. DIY Network star Jason Cameron helped design the park.

The dog park is carpeted with synthetic turf, features separate off-leash areas for small and large dogs, water splash pads, tunnels and hoops, a miniature fetch football field, a walking course and more. There are benches and shade for dog owners.

Jenny Wilson, former executive director of the Shelby Humane Society in Columbiana, won the 2011 Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest after submitting an essay and video outlining what she would do with the $500,000. She chose Veterans Park as the renovation site because of her ties to the Alabaster area. She graduated from Thompson High School in 1998. Her dog, Honey Belle, was a stray found in Veterans Park. Wilson and Honey Belle spent a lot of time playing at Veterans Park prior to the contest.