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Buck Creek Park

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  1. 3 Softball Fields
  2. ADA Accessible
  3. Buck Creek Trail
  4. Creek
  5. Exercise Station
  6. Football Field
  7. Gazebo
  8. Parking
  9. Pavilion Available for Rent
  10. Picnic Tables
  11. Playground
  12. Press Box
  13. Quarter-Mile Walking Track
  14. Restrooms
  15. Water Fountain

Dog Notice: Dogs are not allowed past the entrance gates of any athletic facilities within Alabaster parks.

Distance of Buck Creek Trail: The Trail is one mile if you begin at the Rules sign on Buck Creek Track and walk the main trail to the Depot parking lot where the asphalt meets the grass.

Pavilion available for Rent: The pavilion is attached to the Concession Stand, and requires walking across the busy parking lot to access the playground.

Picnic Tables: The tables located inside the walking track are available on a first come, first served basis at no charge.