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Buck Creek Trail


Map of Buck Creek TRAIL

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  1. Abundance of Flowers and Trees
  2. Benches along the Trail
  3. Bike Trail
  4. Creek
  5. Dogs allowed - must be on a leash
  6. Fishing
  7. Pavilion Available for Rent
  8. Port-a-Lets
  9. Walking Trails (no lights)

Trail Distance

The trail is one mile if you begin at the Depot parking lot (where the asphalt meets the grass) and walk the main trail to the rules sign on the walking track at Buck Creek Park.

The Friends of Buck Creek Trail Mission Statement 

Develop, Promote and Manage a multi-use trail for walkers, bikers and nature enthusiasts.

Buck Creek Trail

The City of Alabaster has partnered with Shelby County to develop the Buck Creek Greenway. Phase One of the project opened in the fall of 2009. Once completed, the trail will connect Warrior Park and Buck Creek Park. Residents can access Buck Creek Greenway at three different locations - the Depot, Buck Creek Park, and the Alabaster Senior Center.

Importance of Volunteers

  • A group of informed individuals that can communicate the Buck Creek trail mission to the community
  • Help build visibility in the community
  • Bring leverage to the table in terms of accomplishing the aforementioned mission
  • Help save money by volunteering time, talents and resources
  • Take ownership in trail projects

Why Trails?

Walking trails are a benefit for the community. They provide children and adults an opportunity to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. They create a safer environment for recreation activities.

Additionally Trails...

  • Link parks and open spaces
  • Increase property values
  • Increase opportunities for physical activity
  • Express the community’s pride and character
  • Provide access to recreational activities
  • Stimulate local economy by attracting tourists
  • Give citizens the opportunity to experience the City’s natural beauty
  • Provide educational opportunities