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1. What is the zone of a property/parcel?
2. How much is a building permit?
3. How long does a Permit Last? What happens if I am not done with my job and my permit is about to expire?
4. When do I call for an inspection?
5. Can I cancel/reschedule an inspection?
6. Is there a re-inspection fee? If so, how much is it and is it a 1-time payment?
7. Do I get a free final inspection?
8. I’m just doing a roofing or siding job, do I need a permit?
9. A building permit already exists, so do I need to pull any trade permits (e.g. Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, or Gas)?
10. I want to see all the permits and/or inspections within a specific time-frame that were done to my house. How do I get that information?
11. Do I need a permit in order to build a fence?