Alabaster Bio-Diesel Program

During late 2014 and early 2015, the City of Alabaster launched a renewable energy initiative to recycle used cooking oil to create and use biodiesel.

To date thousands of gallons have been retrieved, recycled and reused. We want to encourage all residents to participate in this no cost program so we can keep this out of our sanitary sewer system as well as reducing dumping into creeks or storm drains.

Commercial Used Oil

In addition to receiving residential used oil, the City has partnered with numerous local restaurants and schools. Under Mr. McCord's supervision, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Roper led the initiative within the department to create large metal commercial collection stations. This volume allows Environmental Services to create enough bio-diesel to run equipment and vehicles as well as create soap from the glycerin byproduct.

Exchange Stations

Our environmental services department has placed numerous exchange stations around town to make it easy for residents to obtain and swap out plastic containers. If you would like a container, one can be picked up at any of the Exchange Station locations, or by contacting the Environmental Services Department through our request tracker tool.

Station Locations

  • All three fire stations (County Road 44/95 by the library, County Road 12, U.S. Highway 31 across from the Shell station)
  • At the sewer plant (behind Sol Azteca)
  • Chevron (Highway 119/County Road 80)
  • Food Land grocery store
  • Fox Valley apartments
  • The View apartments
  • Walmart neighborhood market

Large/Nonstandard Collection Units

If you have a larger grease jug than the standard issue, they too can be swapped out within the exchange station, or by contacting the Environmental Services Department.