Spills, Illicit Discharges & Improper Disposals

Citizen Action

In the event a spill, illicit discharge, improper disposal or erosion control BMP failure, contact using the following methods:

No Immediate Danger

If the event does not post an immediate threat to life, health or safety:

Immediate Danger

If the event does pose an immediate threat to life, health, or safety; or if you are uncertain if the event poses a threat:
  • Call 911
  • Call our Police Dispatch at (205) 663-7401
  • Call City Hall - (205) 664-6800

City of Alabaster Fire Department Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

If the event can be managed by Fire Department Personnel:
  • If possible, shut off the source of the spill immediately
  • Deploy absorbent products and/or diking materials to contain the spill.
  • Spills on pervious areas may require removal of soil or other contaminated materials.
  • Consult Shelby County EMA for disposal requirements for all products and materials used to mitigate spills
If the event requires outside personnel:
The Alabaster Fire Department will contact Shelby County EMA and follow EMA protocol Hazmat and decontamination units will be contacted as needed.