E-Books & Audio Books


The Albert L. Scott Public Library has joined with other libraries around Alabama to access books through Overdrive.com.

In honor of the beautiful state flower this shared collection is called CamelliaNet.

CamelliaNet Contents & Offerings

  • Audio Books (A digital format of "book-on-tape" or "book-on-cd")
  • Digital Books (A printed book in a digital form, like reading an email is similar to regular mail, this is an E-Book!)
  • Digital Music files
  • Programs to access these items. These programs install on your computer and are free to use.

CamelliaNet Services

  • "Check Out" materials like you would in a library. You can even place holds if someone else already has the item "checked out".
  • Copy some content by "burning" to CD or DVD if your computer has the ability to burn discs.
  • Directly transfer files to some iPhone and Android digital devices.
  • Download available E-books and audio books to a computer.
  • Transfer some content to devices, like an E-book reader or MP3 Player.
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