Fireworks Show - 2018

White 18 wheeler cab with American Flag hanging above truck bed with 3 white fireworks in sequencial

Event Information

  • What: 2018 Fireworks Show hosted by the City of Alabaster
  • Date: Tuesday, July 3
  • Time: 9:00 PM (show will last approximately 15 minutes)
  • Launch Site:
    • Located on private property that lies behind the area between the Alabaster Post Office (50 Kent Stone Way) and Starbucks (2171 Kent Dairy Road). 
  • Music: APH Radio will broadcast patriotic music during the show at 99.9 FM. 
Viewing Sites

Please refer to the diagram below to determine your best location.
◾Plaza Circle & Plaza Drive
◾Alabaster YMCA sports fields
◾the area surrounding Publix
◾Elliotsville Plaza
◾Municipal Park
◾Larry Simmons Stadium and its surrounding areas 
NOTE: Parking will be prohibited on State and County roads rights of way during the show.
Fireworks Location Map (JPG)