Board of Education

  1. Adam Moseley

    Place 1

    Term Expires: June 2027

  1. Jamia Williams

    Place 2
    Expires: June 2023

  1. John Myrick

    Place 3
    Term Expires: June 2024

  1. Derek Henderson

    Place 4
    Term Expires: June 2025

  1. Misty Johnson

    Place 5

    Term Expires: June 2026


The Alabaster City School Board of Education has five members appointed by the Alabaster City Council to staggered five year terms.

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For more information about Alabaster City Schools, please visit the Alabaster City Schools website.
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    Municipal Court | Plea Docket If you have any questions about your appearance in court, please call prior to the day of your appointed court day. Phones cannot be answered on the day of court due to the volume of in person meetings.
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