Commercial Development Authority

  1. Dennis Torrealba

    Place 1

    Term Expires: March 2025

  1. Todd Davis

    Place 2

    Term Expires: March 2024

  1. Charles Cornelius

    Place 3

    Term Expires: March 2027

  1. Terrill Lane

    Place 4

    Term Expires: March 2027

  1. Phylis Bolena

    Place 5

    Term Expires: March 2027

Members whose terms have expires but continue to serve until they are replaced, are listed with an asterisk (*) after their term expiry date.


The Commercial Development Authority has five members which are appointed by the Alabaster City Council to staggered four year terms.

Statutory Authority

Section 11-54-176 of the Code of Alabama 1975, as amended.