Water Board

  1. Bobby Lee Harris

    Place 1
    Term Expires: February 2023

  1. Greg Farrell

    Place 2A

    Term Expires: November 2024

  1. Stacy Rakestraw

    Place 2B

    Term Expires: November 2024

  1. Mike Allen

    Place 3A

    Term Expires: January 2027

  1. Rick Ellis

    Place 3B

    Term Expires: November 2024

  1. Mon Sep. 25

  2. Tue Sep. 26

    Library Board Meeting Regular scheduled meeting for the Library Board of Trustees.
  3. Tue Sep. 26

  4. Wed Sep. 27

    Municipal Court | Plea Docket If you have any questions about your appearance in court, please call prior to the day of your appointed court day. Phones cannot be answered on the day of court due to the volume of in person meetings.
  5. Tue Oct. 3

  6. Wed Oct. 4

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The Alabaster Water Board has five members which are appointed by the Alabaster City Council to staggered six year terms. Two of the five members are Alabaster City Council members with a term concurrent to their elected position.

View a summary of the Alabaster Water Board (PDF)

Summary of Duties

  1. To have succession by its corporate name for the duration of time (which may be in perpetuity) specified in its certificate of incorporation or until dissolved as provided in 11-50 of the Code of Alabama
  2. To sue and be sued and to defend civil actions against it
  3. To make use of a corporate seal and to alter the same at pleasure
  4. To acquire, purchase, construct, operate, maintain, enlarge, extend and improve any system or systems, the operation of which is provided for in the certificate of incorporation of such corporation or in any amendment thereto (whether or not such system or systems were in existence and whether or not such system or systems were privately owned prior to acquisition by such corporation and whether such system or systems are located within or without or partly within and partly without the limits of the municipality which authorized the organization of such corporation or within the limits of another municipality) and to receive, acquire, take and hold, whether by purchase, gift, lease, devise or otherwise, real, personal and mixed property of any nature whatsoever that its board of directors may deem a necessary or convenient part of such system or systems
  5. To borrow money for any corporate function, use or purpose and to issue in evidence of the borrowing interest-bearing bonds payable solely from the revenues derived from the operation of any one or more of its systems (regardless of the system or systems for the benefit of or with respect to which such borrowing may be made)
  6. To pledge for payment of its bonds any revenues from which such bonds are made payable and to mortgage, pledge or otherwise convey as security for such bonds the system or systems the revenues from which are so pledged
  7. To transport and to sell at wholesale all or any part of its water, gas or electric supply to any corporation organized or the articles of incorporation of which are amended under the provisions of this article or under the provisions of Sections 11-50-230 through 11-50-241, or to any municipality for distribution to the inhabitants thereof and the surrounding territory
  8. To transfer and to distribute and to sell to any one of more customers water, gas and electricity and to furnish services from any system the operation of which is provided for in its certificate of incorporation or in any amendment thereto, and to establish and collect and alter charges for water, gas, electric and sewer services and all services of any kind sold or furnished by it; provided, that charges for services from any sewer system shall be established in such manner that there shall be no charge with respect to any portion of such sewer system that may have been paid for wholly or in part by assessments against the property specially benefited thereby, but any person whose property is served in part by a portion of a sewer system so paid for and in part by a portion of a sewer system not so paid for may be charged an appropriate rate for the service rendered such property by a sewer disposal plant, a sewage treatment plant or any other portion of a sewer system which has not to any extent been paid for by such assessments
  9. To adopt a schedule of rates:
    • Providing that the corporation may render combined statements or bills for services furnished from its systems and that it may decline to accept payment of charges for services from any of its systems without payment of charges for services from any one or more of its other systems
    • Providing for discontinuance of service from a system or systems to any customer who shall be delinquent in payment of charges for service from any system owned by such corporation
  10. To lease, exchange, sell, convey and otherwise dispose of its real, personal or mixed property by any form of legal conveyance or transfer; provided, however, that the governing body of the municipality in which such system authorized under this article is incorporated shall consent to the lease, exchange, sale, conveyance or other disposition and such consent shall by evidenced by a duly adopted ordinance of the said governing body, which ordinance shall be adopted within 30 days or less of such lease, exchange, sale, conveyance or other disposition
  11. To exercise all powers of eminent domain now or hereafter conferred on municipalities in this state
  12. To appoint and employ such officers and agents, including attorneys, as its business may require
  13. To provide for such insurance as its board of directors may deem advisable

Statutory Authority

Section 11-50-310 through 11-50-324, Code of Alabama 1975, as amended.

For More Information

For more information on the Water Board please visit the Alabaster Water Board website.