Medical Clinic Board

  1. Medical Clinic Board

    Mailing Address
    A/P Purchasing Liason : Melinda Dickson
    Brookwood Baptist Health
    Alabaster, AL 35007

    The Medical Clinic Board of the City of Alabaster was formed pursuant to Ala. Code § 11-58-1, et seq, as an instrumentality of the State of Alabama to promote the acquisition of health facilities in order to promote public health. The board serves as a conduit for Shelby Baptist Medical Center. It has three board members who are appointed for six year terms by the Alabaster City Council.

  2. Joseph Walden

    Expires: December 1, 2025

  3. Kelly Ellison

    Expires: December 1, 2023

  4. Cheryl Naughter

    Expires: December 1, 2027